Designer & Manufacturing Jeweller -Loose & Set Diamonds – Rough Diamonds
Ralph Nicola has been designing and manufacturing jewellery for the last 30 years. Ralph start in the jewellery trade to meet the demand he could see for that special piece of designer jewellery, individually handcrafted with the care and attention all jewellery pieces deserve.

He understands that choosing a piece of jewellery is a very personal experience. Ralph Nicola invites you to speak to him on the phone, email him or visit his jewellery store. Contact him to discuss designing and manufacturing a jewellery piece that is special and unique to you. Bring you vision to a reality!
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Ralph Nicola buys rough diamonds in West Africa, has them cut and polished in Belgium and ships directly to his office in the heart of Sydney, Australia.

Diamond Engagment Rings
Engagement rings are the traditional symbol of love. Traditionally, any ring is fitting for this occasion as the ring itself is a continous loop symbolising eternity. The general rule of thumb is two to three month’s salary to show your dedication and sincerity.

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